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To quote one of the world's most famous creative genius Walt Disney: "Its kind of fun to do the impossible" is something I remind myself as I share some of the extraordinary projects I have created and delivered with some amazing people that I have been lucky enough to work with.

From working with world-class teams in Disney in Europe, celebrating all the Disney princesses at Harrods, to Snow White's 80th anniversary here in New York at Saks 5th avenue, these are the creative projects that inspire the customer experience and journey through the Retail Space.

Creating memorable promotions and installations runs through all that you will discover here. Working alongside the world's most celebrated brands like "The World of Chanel at Harrods" and the Dior takeover at Harrods - both amazing experiences for the customer, including exhibitions, events and limited edition exclusive products.

Even in this very important digital age and ever-changing landscape, I believe the Customer Experiences and memories in the retail space are even more relevant as we craft, build and deliver the future of the shopping environment.

~ Mark Briggs

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